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Supporter and Donors


The Buffalo Irish Center came into existence as WNY’s Irish Heritage Center after much hard work, donation of skilled labor and untold hours of time from volunteers.

As a result, the Buffalo Irish Center stands as the anchor for the Irish Heritage district and the place to go for all things Irish. Thanks to many donors, individual, clubs and businesses, The Center has served the WNY area for over 39 years.

To donate at any time, please contact the Chairman at :[email protected]


Volunteers are the pillars of the Buffalo Irish Center. They are needed to work Bingo on Thursday evenings, garden or help with maintenance. Skilled carpenters, Plumbers, electricians, painters are needed to keep up with the ever growing needs of a building that is now 80 years old.

If you would like to join our list of Volunteers, please contact the Chairman at chairman @


The Gaelic American Athletic Assoc. of Buffalo. NY, Inc is the founding organization for the
Buffalo Irish Center, 245 Abbott Rd, Bflo. NY 14220 (716)825-9535

By joining the GAAA, you become a member of the Buffalo Irish Center,  Initial membership is
$150.00 with an annual renewal fee of $25.00.  Membership may be listed as an individual or as husband and wife.

Membership includes one voting right, a subscription to the Buffalo Irish Times and  GAAA newsletters.

Dues must be paid yearly by April 1st to maintain active membership status.  Prospective members must be sponsored by an active member.

For further information contact: Randy McPhee or email: [email protected]


The Buffalo Irish Center is much more than a meeting place in a pub, a bingo hall, or an establishment for little girls to learn dancing. Since 1970, the Center has grown to become home to over a dozen non-profit Irish-American organizations each promoting a different aspect of its culture. Collectively, the Buffalo Irish Center has become one of the richest cultural and ethnic centers in Western New York. Simply look under the different headings in this publication to find contacts for the different organizations.


The Irish Center was designed to enable the WNY Irish-American Community to share a common space where they could foster interest in our Irish heritage. The Gaelic American Athletic Association (GAAA), was formed to own and operate the Buffalo Irish Center.

For over 40 years, the beautiful ongoing renovations necessary to transform the old YMCA building into the reality of a true Irish Center, are the results of insightful and masterful planning by the GAAA Boards together with hard work, dedication and hours of volunteerism by members working diligently to accomplish each project as available funds dictate.

The entire building is smoke-free in compliance with current legislation within Erie County. Inside the main entrance is the pub area. Music by different Irish groups is featured Friday & Saturday evenings. A seisiun* is held the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4 PM for musicians, dancers, singers and storytellers to participate.  Pub Grub is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  Our Fenian Fish Fry is available on Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 pm on.

For everything from weddings to fundraisers and anything in between, air-conditioned hall rentals are available with catering optional. The beautiful wainscoted décor of the Claddagh Room would set off any event for up to 120 seated people. The larger Emerald Room can seat 270 people.

Inside the Buffalo Irish Center is the GAAA Irish Library. This library was originally formed to house a collection of books donated by Mr. Roy Phelps of Niagara Falls. Through the years, it has evolved into a unique ethnic library in Western New York, one of a kind. Our all-Irish library continues to accept book donations that have an Irish content or the story is set in Ireland. Periodicals are graciously declined due to availability of space.

The GAAA publishes the BUFFALO IRISH TIMES (5 issues yearly) comprised of volunteer staff members dedicated to the Irish Community in the Buffalo area. The ‘TIMES’ gives the non-profit clubs an avenue to share schedules and event information, a forum for thoughts on Irish concerns, and highlights and activities of interest to the Irish–American Community. This paper is funded through advertisements and subscriptions with outstanding balances absorbed by the GAAA. Please ensure the future of the BUFFALO IRISH TIMES by purchasing ads for your business or organization or buying a subscription.

With all these wonderful things happening at the Buffalo Irish Center, if you feel compelled to volunteer, join the GAAA through sponsored membership, or make a donation to help defray the rising costs of the Center, call the Center at 716-825-9993
PONDER THIS: If the Buffalo Irish Center ever ceases to be, where would our children, our grandchildren, or our great-grandchildren learn and experience the richness of our great Irish-American Heritage in Western New York?

Manuscript On TV : UB professor animates Twain Discovery

UB professor animates Twain Discovery

By: Tom Jerry

The more Victor Doyno talked about the discovery of the long-missing first half of Mark Twain’s manuscript of “the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, the mor animated be became

“My mouth got dry. I felt a pulse in my head. It was absolutely a shock reaction”, said the university at Buffalo professor and Twain scholar, recalling the moment he learned from his friend William H.Loos that Twain’s handwritten pages had turned up in the attic of a Los Angeles home.

As Doyno spoke, his hands moved excitedly at the memory of the 1990 discovery, widely consider one of the most important in maerica literary history.

That was exacly the kind of spirited evocation Joan Owen, director of an upcoming television program on the “Huck Finn” discovery, wanted.

In fact, Doyyo was so lively during taping this week in the central library that he was asked to do a second take-the better to capture his hand movement.

Ms. Owens accompanied by camera and sound techincans from Andrew Solz Production of Los Angeles, came to the Library’s Mark Twain Room, where the complete manuscript is kept, to interview Doyno as well as Loos, the library’s rare books curator and Patrik J.E Martin attoney for the Library Foundatuon who played key roles.

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