Manuscript On TV : UB professor animates Twain Discovery

UB professor animates Twain Discovery

By: Tom Jerry

The more Victor Doyno talked about the discovery of the long-missing first half of Mark Twain’s manuscript of “the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, the mor animated be became

“My mouth got dry. I felt a pulse in my head. It was absolutely a shock reaction”, said the university at Buffalo professor and Twain scholar, recalling the moment he learned from his friend William H.Loos that Twain’s handwritten pages had turned up in the attic of a Los Angeles home.

As Doyno spoke, his hands moved excitedly at the memory of the 1990 discovery, widely consider one of the most important in maerica literary history.

That was exacly the kind of spirited evocation Joan Owen, director of an upcoming television program on the “Huck Finn” discovery, wanted.

In fact, Doyyo was so lively during taping this week in the central library that he was asked to do a second take-the better to capture his hand movement.

Ms. Owens accompanied by camera and sound techincans from Andrew Solz Production of Los Angeles, came to the Library’s Mark Twain Room, where the complete manuscript is kept, to interview Doyno as well as Loos, the library’s rare books curator and Patrik J.E Martin attoney for the Library Foundatuon who played key roles.

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